Chanel Travel Diary Collection AW 2017: New lipstick shades

As some of you no doubt know already, the Travel Diary collection from Chanel just came out recently. Today I stopped by a Chanel counter and swatched all the new lipstick shades for you guys. All the photos are taken under daylight (in the late afternoon), to give you a better idea what these shades look like ‘in real life’, rather than under artificial light. In some of these pics, I also added flash, to really show you the how bright the colors can be.

Here we go. There are several new shades from various ranges: two new shades from Rouge Allure Ink, two new Rouge Coco’s, and two more Rouge Allure Velvet‘s. I’ve tried my best to show these in the pictures below, where all things Chanel are contained within a black box. Everything outside the box is some new stuff from Guerlain (Guerlain KissKiss Matte & Guerlain Intense Liquid Matte), which you can ignore for now. I had only about 5 mins to look at these Guerlains before the shop closed, so you’ll excuse the mess… 😉


Now, returning to Chanel. Here’s a description of the new shades:

  • Rouge Allure Ink, 158 HIGHWAY (LE): This is a very comforting and soft pinky-coral. It’s a very interesting blend of summery light, and start-of-autumn warmth. If you like coral shades, be sure to check this one out, as it’s a limited edition too.
  • Rouge Allure Ink, 156 LOST: This is a fairly neutral nude shade, and also one of my favorite things in this collection. I like the formula, which by the way, still looked soft and comfortable on my hand even about 30mins after application. I find some matte formulas ‘sink in’ into the skin like a tattoo, and emphasize any texture the skin might have – especially if it’s a bit dry and flaky already… I think this one is a winner, because it doesn’t seem to do that.
  • Rouge Coco, 474 DAYLIGHT (LE): Compared to Lost in terms of pigmentation, Daylight is more of a golden-peach nude. In terms of its formula, it is also lighter and more moisturizing. I think both are great! Pick one depending on what is most important for you – the extra wear time and neutral tone for Lost, or a warmer tone and extra hydration, for Daylight.
  • Rouge Coco, 472 EXPÉRIMENTAL: This is a very lively, fiery raspberry shade, which is also moisturizing since it’s part of the Rouge Coco range. I think it’s really interesting how, in this autumn-winter collection, Chanel have chosen to take ‘classic’ summer shades (like corals and bright pinks), and given them a hint of something extra, to make them work for later in the year. Experimental is one such example (and First Light is another, below).
  • Rouge Allure Velvet, 64 FIRST LIGHT: This is an extremely bright (neon almost) orange shade, which I believe is the one worn by Kristen Stewart below. I’m loving it in contrast with the deep, dark eye shadows from the Road Movie palette. Want to bring a bit of summer with you into autumn and winter? Then this might be the thing for you.


  • Rouge Allure Velvet, 63 NIGHTFALL (LE): I’m tempted to say I saved the best for last. This shade has a lot of depth, and as far as lipsticks go, it might be my fav thing in this collection – along with the Rouge Allure Ink, in Lost. Nightfall is a burned, spicy red, which is full of character, but also versatility – depending on what you do with the rest of your make-up. As with all Allure Velvets, I think this one would probably outlast all the others in this collection, if wear time is something you find important. Being matte, it is way less nourishing than a Rouge Coco, for instance, but not to the point of being drying.



Stay tuned, there’s more info coming about this collection. I got myself some of the brand spanking new Chanel brushes, plus the two new eyeshadow quads – 286 City Lights (LE) and 288 Road Movie. Both are stunning, so I’ll try to make some time and share thoughts and pictures.


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