Becca Light Chaser Highlighters SS 2017

I’ll start with a confession: before these highlighters, I had never bought anything from Becca… Shocking, innit – particularly with the waves of appreciation for their Champagne Pop. Well, I’m finally beginning to understand the appeal, because now that I’ve finally tried some of their products, I am really quite impressed.

The Light Chaser Highlighters have recently appeared for sale at SpaceNK, and are marketed as: “kaleidoscopic highlighters that create unprecedented colour dimension when struck by the light”. Sounds interesting, right? The whole idea is that these highlighters are supposed to reflect light differently depending on the angle from which they are seen, so that the same shade could sometimes show up as gold, and other times as green, for example.


I usually am on the hunt for products that are a little different and interesting, so when I saw this collection coming out, I thought I should get at least one thing. In the end, I ended up with two shades: Topaz Flashes Gilt (described in the example above as gold + green) and Opal Flashes Jade (a kind of skin-colored beige that turns icy blue from certain angles).

On my skin, and for these two shades, the texture is lovely – very creamy and easy to blend. I was slightly worried, especially with the Topaz Flashes Gilt shade, that the gold/green would show up too intensely and be rather too shocking on me, particularly since I have very light skin. However, I have to say it just… somehow… works… ! The green does show up at certain angles, but isn’t too in your face, and it’s also pigmented just to the right degree: when applying it, I didn’t think I was in any danger of creating a green stroke on my cheek with just one brush swipe!



What’s more, they double as eye shadows, which I think is great. I’ve already used the same shade – Topaz Flashes Gilt –  to create a ‘bridge’ between one very light, and one dark shade of green eyeshadow on my lids. It worked out really, really well.

Here are some more swatches of these lovely little things. I played around with various lighting conditions, but this is just one of those things you really have to see in person to truly appreciate their versatility, which isn’t fully captured in photos…



I myself bought them online because I was already quite sure I’d like them, and I wasn’t disappointed – I’m absolutely in love with these Light Chaser Highlighters.

If you’re interested, the ingredient list is as follows, for both of these shades:

Talc, Mica, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract, Zinc Stearate, Silica, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic Acid. [+/-] CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), Cl 77491 (Iron Oxides), Cl 75470 (Carmine).



  1. I love Becca! These look very interesting and as you say, can totally double up as eyeshadows. Thanks for the review xx


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