Chanel Travel Diary Collection 2017: Reviews for the Road Movie and City Lights quads, plus retractable brushes

After my previous post about the lipsticks in the Chanel 2017 Travel Diary Collection, I thought to write about some other items I picked up from this same collection: a few brushes, and the two eyeshadow quads.




Let’s quickly go over the four brushes first. From left to right, I’ve included the:

I’ve found this one to be really handy. The application end is made of synthetic fibers, so it can be used with liquid or cream concealers. I personally happen to use powder / mineral concealers for small blemishes, and this brush still does a great job. I have yet to try it with liquid products for the under-eye area, but just by the feel of it, I don’t really have any doubts that it will work very well there too (if my opinion changes, I’ll post an update, or feel free to ask me in the comment section).

What I like most about this brush is that it comes with a second, blending side. So important and convenient! As far as I can tell, this blending side is made of natural hairs (goat would be my guess). They are a bit firmer, but the tips are not poke-y. I think the slight firmness is a good thing for really making sure you are diffusing the concealer properly – especially for the under-eye area, where the concealer meets your foundation. But it’s also very handy for blending away any concealed blemishes, too.

Then there is, of course, the obvious: it’s great to have a retractable brush which is well protected for travel, and also keeps things light: instead of two separate brushes, you carry around just one. Thumbs up from me!



I was very excited to get this brush, because I always worry about damaging my ‘regular’ brushes if I toss them in my bag – so anything with a lid is very appealing, particularly a fancy little treat from Chanel. The brush fibers themselves are quite soft and not poke-y (although I admit, they are not quite to the standard of Japanese brushes). Again, my guess is this is goat hair, since Chanel does not seem to have provided this information.

However, this one was a bit of a surprise for me. It’s just so small…! It measures just 8.5 cm in length, and, believe it or not, 1.5cm in width. So, even if it is a nice brush, I am not quite sure what to do with it yet. It will definitely work for highlighter, but for blush, I think I would prefer a bigger, bushier brush instead. By the way, if you do have a use for it, it is exclusive to Chanel boutiques or the Chanel website.

I’ve already written about these two guys before. The short version is that they’re great and I love ’em. The shapes are very useful, the hairs are fairly soft and not poke-y, and they perform really well. Not to mention that they’re great for travel. Would definitely recommend these.



Now moving on to the eyeshadows, this FW season, Chanel added two new palettes to Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Qudras: one will be permanent and is called 288 Road Movie (below, on the left), and the other is a limited edition in 286 City Lights (below, to the right). I’ve added multiple pictures just to give as good an idea as I can for how these shades really look.


For 288 Road Movie, it’s probably fair to say that the star-shade in the quad is the first one in the line-up: the green-blue, or teal color. It really is deeply interesting, and I imagine it will suit every eye color. Overall, the shades are buttery and blend with ease, however the darker, navy shade was just a tad more powdery than the rest. This may or may not be an accident. Personally, I actually prefer it this way, because I usually end up using a main color across the lid, and then add just a hint of darkness over the outer corner. It’s easier to do that with a slightly more powdery shadow, than an extremely creamy one – which can go on too intensely from the start.

The other two colors in the pan are nude shades, which complement the blues. The caramel sort of color has a little bit of shimmer in it, but it’s really quite discreet, whereas the beige is completely matte. I see both of these as ‘helper’ colors, added in the quad to make transitions and color gradients easier – with the other blue shades being more of a statement. This is a great feature, and can help you play your look up or down with this palette. Always good to have options!

Overall, excellent palette. Looks good, performs well, and really gives you that a beautiful moment of luxury when you put it on before staring your day. What more could one ask for?



As for 286 City Lights, the shades seem to me less attention-grabbing compared to Road Movie. Or so I thought when I just looked at them in the pan. However, it’s only when I finally saw them on a model’s eyelids, and swatched them myself, that I realized their beauty and extreme versatility. They’re super blendable and the shimmer in them is discreet – just enough to create a lovely glow. See them in action below:

If I had to compare, I’d say Road Movie immediately calls out for attention because the pigments are so fascinating and the tones are so deep, whereas City Lights is so much more wearable, yet without sacrificing any of its beauty and elegance. I had to get both, because they suit such different moods. So, there isn’t one I’d recommend over the other. I’ll just say – Don’t dismiss City Lights until you’ve swatched it. It’s absolutely beautiful.



I also thought it might be useful to show a comparison for those of you who may have bought the recent, limited-edition 278 Codes Subtils palette. Off the top of my head, I thought City Lights might be quite similar to it. But on closer inspection, it turns out it really isn’t. The quads give off totally different vibes, although they’re equally pretty. Check out the pics below:


The swatches above show Codes Subtils to the left, and City Lights to the right.


What about you, are you planning on picking up anything from this collection? 🙂



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