Suqqu Tone Touch Eyes: shades 14, 16, 17, 18

Suqqu have recently launched their AW 2020 release and it looks gorgeous. What a welcome distraction given what 2020 has brought us so far. Of all the products launched, what caught my eye the most were a few new shades as part of their Tone Touch Eyes eyeshadow singles.

To me, the combination of: 14 ENKA (a rusty gold, pre-existing in the line), 16 SOMEKARASHI (a deep yellow – new), 17 BISUOU (rich burgundy – new), 18 MOMOSHIZUKU (dusty rose – new) created together the perfect palette of autumnal shades. These are the top 4 shades in the image above (the bottom 2 are Surratt).

If you’re wondering, all Suqqu singles come in a dedicated compact which they can easily be popped out of, using a needle or pin. Above, I’ve rehoused them in a roomy Surratt compact, where they happen to fit perfectly. If you like this idea, you can pick up an empty Surratt palette here or here for your Suqqu singles.

Importantly, in some cases (satins and shimmers), the shades have a textured top layer that might mislead you in terms of what the shades really look like when applied, so here is a more accurate representation:

L-R: Shades 14, 17, 18, 16. As you can see, they are extremely pigmented, which I was pleasantly surprised at. I half expected a Japanese brand to perhaps produce shadows lighter in pigment, but luckily for me, that is not the case here!
As you can see, the real pigment/shades in the swatch can differ considerably from the pan colour – with the exception of the mattes, where what you see is what you get.

I’ve already used these Suqqu shades to create a look and the quality is outstanding. They were a joy to apply and blend: they built up nicely and did not blend away, nor did they cling in a weird way or create texture on my lids. The longevity (over primer) was also excellent – no hint of creasing, which I sometimes get a bit of at the end of a long day, despite using a primer. I will say in some cases it worked better to build the pigment using my fingers rather than a brush, but I don’t mind this and am used to working this way quite often.

Bottom line – I am really happy with these shades and would totally recommend them! Especially with an empty Surratt palette, you can design your own colour combinations – something else I enjoy a lot. I’ve picked up these shades from Selfridges (here and here). Are you tempted?


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