Short tip of the day: fading eyeshadow colors

When getting ready to go outside, I’m often concerned with how well I’ve blended my eyeshadow color, and how smoothly the color fades away just above my crease. I hate it when you can still clearly see where one color ends, and your own skin color begins!

But recently I’ve discovered a really simple trick that makes things so, so much easier. Rather than spend ages buffing away and sheering down the color above the crease, you can simply swish your brush over a face powder / compact foundation that matches your skin tone, and use that to blend around the edges of your eyeshadow, and seamlessly buff it away.

This simple trick saves so much time, and also keeps me from buffing for a long time – which my sensitive eyelids can’t handle too well, even with very soft brushes. 🙂


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