Make-up storage ideas

So, my first ever post! How exciting!

Figured I’d start with something fairly easy: how to store make-up tools and products. My interest in make-up started maybe one year ago, mostly because I just needed a hobby and some relaxation. I had way too much work to do (and in other words, yes, I needed to procrastinate! ๐Ÿ˜› ), and make-up was a really great escape.

So the more passionate I became about make-up, the more storage room I needed for it… But I was never too happy about the various solutions I came up with: either things seemed too cluttered, or too impractical, or very hard to clean. My final solution? Boxes, cups, lids and drawers. Many of them!

I’ll discuss all this in two sections – storing brushes, and then storing make-up products. Here we go!

Storing brushes

Probably the easiest idea is to just put your brushes into cups. When I did some googling at the time, I saw some examples of cups / jars filled with small decorative stones, or artificial pearls (check out these examples). But because these generally don’t come with lids, I took the idea a bit further since I really wanted to make sure dust didn’t set on my brushes. So here’s what I did:


I just found a bunch of glasses I really liked the design of, and placed all my brushes (and a few other things) in them. Now, the trick was to actually find a suitable cover for them. And after some time spent on Amazon, I found a so-called ‘Cake Separator’ / ‘Display Case‘ (see here what I mean). It comes in various sizes… and I might just have to upgrade soon (I currently have the 250mm ^ 3 option) ! Can barely fit all my stuff under it any more, but still, it works like a charm! No dust, no complications, just the perfect combination of pretty and useful. All I have to do is lift the lid to use everything underneath:


As an aside… please excuse the fingerprints on there ๐Ÿ˜‰ It just gets used often!

Also, you’ll notice the much-dreaded (for me, anyways) double-ended Lancome brush hanging on one side. Much-dreaded, because it is difficult to store: the brush resting directly on the fibers would ruin it, so the solution here was to affix a tiny bit of velcro to the brush ferrule, as well as the inner wall of the box! Now I have easy access to the brush, and it is in no danger of getting damaged! ๐Ÿ˜€

So, with the cups placed under the lid, things look like this:


Neat, huh?


Storing make-up products

The issue is, I believe, a lot simpler here. But you still probably need something both useful and nice-looking, and that can be tricky to find. I’ve had a wander around Ikea one day, and found the MOPPE storage units – and they’ve been miracle workers for me! They don’t take up too much space, and make it so easy to categorize all my products!


Here it is in action, with a bunch of lipsticks neatly stored in a couple of drawers:


You’ll also notice the dividers / grid separating all the lipsticks: another little gem from Amazon. These particular ones are called ‘Camlab dividers’ – beware though, they are a bit too short to work with regular-sized lipsticks. So I needed to stack two grids on top of each other to make it work – but the final result it just great. No more time wasted looking for a particular shade!

On to the second, bigger MOPPE unit. I like this one for storing other types of make-up, like powders and eye shadows. Below is a drawer with a bunch of pressed and loose powders. Again, so neat!


And finally… one more box! I did say at the beginning there would be many of them… ๐Ÿ™‚ This is another find from Ikea, the GLIS box:



Tsk… more fingerprints. Don’t judge though, that is a Tom Ford eyeshadow palette, so who could blame me?

Ok, long post, but hope it was useful! Send me any suggestions and thoughts below. ๐Ÿ™‚


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