Zuii: Organic & flower-based foundations, blushes, and primer

Hi all,

I’m finally getting round to talking about Zuii products, which I’ve probably delayed a bit too much. I’ve been using these for about 8 months, and overall, I’m very impressed so it’s high time I share my review.

This review will mostly focus on base make-up products: powder foundations (loose and compact), plus a primer, but I’ve also included three blushers. Here’s a list of the products discussed:

Presentation / packaging

At its simplest, the packaging for the compact Flora Foundations is just a pan with a clear plastic lid that screws on top. I actually like that, because it keeps the product very light and slim (about 1.5cm tall) – so, perfect for travel. I also never use any puffs and things that come with compacts, so while less glamorous, I do appreciate the stripped down format.

The Flora Ultra and Loose Flora foundations have more typical packaging, in that the boxes come with a mirror and puff. I inserted some pictures above mainly to show that the Loose Flora powder box actually contains crushed petals at the bottom – which is a very nice touch and is a reference to the brand’s philosophy of wearing flowers on your face: the base for Zuii powder foundations is composed of ground petals, rather than the usual mica or talc. As you might expect, this makes for a very caring and non-drying powder – but more about that in a bit…

Swatches and performance of base products

Zuii base products. Notice how creamy the powders are, and the undertone differences between shades. The Flora Ultra in Alabaster is my closest match, but I prefer the texture of the other powders more. So I tend to mix the Flora Milk and Ivory shades together to get a custom match, or I’ll use the Loose Flora in Buff, which I can also get away with, although it has a pinker undertone than I’d need. The Flora Loose powder in Alabaster turned out to oxidize very quickly on me, so I use it very rarely, and in combination with Milk.

Above are swatches of all the base products I mentioned at the start of this post: two Certified Organic Flora Foundations (compacts, in shades Milk and Ivory); a Certified Organic Flora Ultra Powder Foundation (compact, in shade Alabaster); two Certified Organic Flora Loose Powders (shades Buff and Alabaster); and a Certified Organic Flora Colour Corrective Primer (in shade Apricot).

Texture-wise, I find the Flora very similar to the Flora Loose powder foundation: both are extremely creamy, blendable, and almost mousse-y for powders – surprisingly so in fact. I’d say the texture feels very similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows – which is a huge achievement for organic powder make-up. Both last through a full day of work, and are matte – but not flat, if that makes sense. The formulations contain some plant oils too (see ingredients here), so I assume this is where some of the diffused luminosity comes from.

Both the Flora and the Flora Loose powder are also supremely comfortable, and don’t make any dry areas look worse. I can’t really say a bad thing about them – the only word of caution is to make sure you order a shade that is right for you. Luckily, Zuii offer samples, so you will be able to get some idea before committing to a full size. And while we’re on this topic, I’ve noticed one particularity of the Flora Loose powder (Alabaster shade): on application, it oxidizes very quickly if your skin isn’t 100% dry (which is my case – as I like to use skin oils a lot). The same seems to be true if you like to really buff the powder around with a brush. So I’d recommend also sampling one shade lighter than normal.

Moving on to the Flora Ultra, the formula feels different to the other two right off the bat. On the face, the texture/finish looks quite similar to me, but on finger swatching it, it does not feel quite as smooth and creamy as the others. On the other hand, the Alabaster shade here matches me perfectly, so I’ll wear this if I’m in the mood for a quick look and won’t bother with mixing shades.

All three of the formulations are very buildable. Depending on the tool used for application, you can get anything from a sheer veil of pigment (e.g., with a very sparse, fluffy brush), to full coverage (dense brushes or sponges/puffs). Something else that I really enjoy is that you can use a concealer brush (especially the kind that is flat-topped, good for buffing a very small area) with any of these powder foundations, and they will conceal spots expertly. This is because they are so creamy and blendable.

I’ve also tried the Flora Colour Corrective Primer. It is velvety, quite nourishing in feel, and almost mousse-y. It is of medium density – definitely not runny, but not very thick either. It leaves a slightly tacky finish, with a discreet blurring effect. It is brightening in a subtle way – so I found it best suited for use all over the face, but not intensely pigmented enough to significantly correct my dark under-eye area. I’d say this primer would work best for those who enjoy full coverage – I feel as though it has some affinity for the foundations and attracts a somewhat denser layer of powder than what you might otherwise get over bare skin.



Probably not much to say here, really. I mean, look at these! I am genuinely surprised that these blushes can be so gorgeous and organic at the same time. These are also available as samples, so I’d try a few to see what works on your complexion. But they are every bit as creamy and blendable as the Zuii powder foundations – so, a joy to use. Do yourself a favour and try them. 😉

Bottom line

All things considered, I’d have to say that Zuii is probably my favourite base make-up brand. Even if I’ll indulge in other non-organic makeup from e.g., Chanel or Guerlain, I try my best use a base that is kind to my skin and natural. That’s where Zuii comes in. I’ve been using these products for many months now, and am really happy with them overall. I hope this brand gains more popularity and that some larger UK retailers start to carry them, particularly since the idea of using crushed flowers as a base in powder formulations is an amazing one!! Currently, you can order Zuii products online directly from their website. If you do, please let me know – I’d be delighted to hear about it!


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