Short tip of the day: Q-tips to de-clump mascara

Sometimes mascaras can appear too thick on your lashes, and it can be a pain to fix it, especially since it’s usually the last step for your eye make-up – and you don’t want to ruin anything at the very end.

So here’s something I’ve discovered, and which works really well for me. Immediately after I’ve applied my mascara – that is, when it is still wet – I quickly grab a Q-tip and gently swipe it around any lashes that I feel may look too clumpy. It’s super easy and doesn’t affect any other eye make-up that I’ve already applied.

Also, if I want to steer the last lashes outwards, for more of a cat-eye look, I can also do that gently with the Q-tip. You can of course do it directly with the mascara wand itself, but that will apply even more product, which sometimes you want to avoid.

So there you have it. Easy-peasy. Only thing to remember is you have to be quick once you notice the lashes getting clumpy: if your mascara has already dried, the Q-tip won’t be able to help so much.


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